Individuals & Small Groups

In most sports, once you reach the elite level it becomes easy. You eat, train, recover, sleep and repeat while getting paid to do it and having access to some of the best training and recovery routines available. Unfortunately, if you are on the fringe of this level, or in a poorly funded sport, you don’t receive the same level of care and it’s up to you to go and find it.

Here’s where we come in. Our goal is to provide the services you would receive in a National Level Program while you’re striving to get there, or just to help you be the best you can be while looking after your body.

Even physical development recourses, such as Physio, Chiro, OT or Personal Trainers often just target part of the player’s physical development, rarely integrating the physical development with sport-specific skills and even less often considering the players total weekly commitments and loads on top of the rehab or strength work.

A solution can be found to this messy situation by providing a service overseeing the individual athletes entire physical training program and targeting two key areas.

1. Improving physical resilience. We do this by identifying the most stressful moments inside your sport, and providing a handful of exercises or drills that provide an opportunity for the body to learn how to best protect itself and perform in them. Getting stronger at exercises is useless if that exercise doesn’t directly improve physical performance in the sport.

2. Monitoring all training loads and the responses. We implement a simple, easy to use system that quantifies all physical activity performed each week while monitoring the athlete’s response to the changes in training load. High-risk days are flagged and this is communicated to the athletes and in advance, with suggested increases, or reductions in training.


Not everyone can afford the Physical Performance Programs that the elite teams utilise. What we do is adapt these Physical Performance Programs to your team’s situation and environment, providing the benefits without the price tag. This is through a combination of coach and player education, ‘on-site visits’ and online monitoring systems. We are able to provide much of our service through online tracking and communication with athletes and coaches thus reducing the cost to you without reducing our involvement with your team.

We test your athletes and provide them with programs to get them fast, strong, fit and explosive all relative to your sports demands and teams playing style. We monitor training load and advise on when you might be doing too much, or not enough with your athletes. We provide alternate conditioning programs when your players are unable to participate in team training, as well as sprint/game-movement technique education/coaching, nutrition support, educate and work with coaches to tailor current drills to target different energy systems by adjusting work/rest ratio’s, top up conditioning routines when you need to up the work, implement efficient warm-ups to ensure you’re team is better prepared than the opposition and recovery routines to ensure you’re recovering quicker.

Please contact us to have a chat about how we can tailor build a program to give your team a competitive, athletic advantage.

Sporting Associations – Presentations

In the age of the internet, there is an enormous amount of conflicting information out there on how to best develop as a coach, athlete or team. Through experiencing the demands of high-end sports ourselves, working with coaching and associations learning about what they really need, and combining these recourses with what the sports science research is finding through testing and recording, we have been able to design presentations pin-pointing the most relevant areas that will most benefit your association or team.

All presentations come with take home notes and sample workout routines/progressions as relevant.

If you have any pressing questions or topics you feel would most help your association or team please get in touch and we can discuss custom building a presentation most relevant to your requirements and participants. Or if you’d prefer to catch up on the phone we can look at your team or organisations current position and can reccomend what areas we feel might be worth presenting on.