Athletic Development & Management

In this article we will begin to think about the role Strength & Conditioning plays in athletic development and management. By breaking up the various qualities and components you might be able to review your own program and consider which areas you should invest more or less time and resource, or perhaps which are your programs strengths and weaknesses thus guiding [...]

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Australian Rules Football (AFL): Game Demands

Australian football is a contact sport played by two teams of 18 players who contest play over four 20-minute quarters; the object of the game is to score the most points through goal kicking. Eighteen professional senior sides currently compete against each other in the Australian Football League (AFL) and, similar to other football codes, game demands at the [...]

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A Comeback For Cardio

Cardio for fat burning, like many things, seems to come in and out of fashion. Mainstream media tends to dictate this change in favour by either promoting, or condemning cardio, these days often comparing it to High Intensity Training (HIT). The fact that this pendulum effect continues rather than dying out indicates that it does indeed work, at least [...]

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Cinnamon and it’s Hidden Health Benefits

Cinnamon has an ever growing body of evidence showing its health and body composition benefits. It helps push carbs towards muscle cells (where they can be burnt as energy) and away from fat cells (where they may have converted to fat). This effect is similar to that of exercise, particularly resistance training, causing your muscles to become more like sponges rather [...]

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The OODA Loop

Decision making, pressure & learning Learn about what the OODA loop is, how is can explain good and bad decision making, how it can help fast track your coaching or learning, and how to expose the opposition by short circuiting their decision making process. What is it? Widely regarded as one of the greatest and [...]

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Improving Game Shooting, Part 5

Recap & Solutions Why is it you or your team might shoot the lights out at training and then go ice cold in games? It's one of the most frustating parts of the game, not getting reward for practice. There are some fundamental flaws in how we view shooting as a skill, and how we go about improving shooting [...]

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